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Project Description

Relevant EN standards for Harnesses:

Full body EN361 Back attachment (scaffolding, gondola, boom lift) Back and front attachments (scaffolding, gondola, boom lift, roofer)

Full body with work positioning EN361/358 Back, front and lateral attachments (scaffolding, gondola, boom liftroofer)

Full body with work suspension positioning EN361/358/813 Back, front, lateral and ventral attachments (technical and rope access work )


Full Body Harness Prolight
Special design to minimise injuries in case of a fall
Front and back anchor points, automatic buckles

  • Product CE
  • Comply EN 361
  • European brand (Luxemburg)
  • Size: S/M/L/XL

Full Body Harness 2 points Metal Front & back attachment, leg adjustment

  • Separate regulation for legs and shoulder straps
  • Product CE
  • Comply EN 361

Harness 2 attachment points
Back and front automatic locking Manufactured with light alloy components Fitted with padded leg loops reducing strangulation risks during a fall. Comfortable safe and lightweight.

  • Product CE, Comply EN 361
  • Made in EU

Oil & Gas Harness
Frontal D-ring for attachment of fall arrest systems
44mm webbing PES Biothane®, 25KN
Designed for dirty jobs such as oil field work, offshore, roofing, painting and food industry protected by layer of PES Biothane®

  • 5 point size adjustment
  • Product CE made in EU
  • Comply EN 361


Harness Tempo 2 anchor points.
Light weight – only 450 gr. for the size L
Easy and rapid to be put on, the straps cannot be mixed up and entangled, while
fixing is by two quick buckles.
Two points of anchoring of class “A” – dorsal and a sternal.
Two tool holders
Three sizes – M-L-XL
Approval – APAVE Number 0082/244/160/02/06/0048

Harness with dorsal and frontal anchorage point.Regulations for legs and shoulder straps

  • Product CE, made in EU
  • Comply EN 361
  • Akrobat brand
  • Size: S/M – XL

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